Gerry Reihsen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Coasis Coalition

Gerry Reihsen is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coasis Coalition Companies PB LLC, a public benefit company that provides support, services and products to the Opportunity Zone ecosystem, including its (a) investment and other economic participants, (b) agencies and organizations that are historically dedicated to assisting under-optimized communities, (c) state and local economic development agencies, and (d) residents of those communities.

Gerry was a founder of Behringer Harvard Funds, a real estate investment fund platform built from the ground up that generated more than $5 billion in equity investment capital and over $11 billion in assets under management over a decade in various innovative investment products, and Xybridge Technologies, a telecom software enterprise also begun as a startup that developed the essential software technology/soft switch for mobile and other networks that achieved an exit at a valuation of over $400 million.

Gerry accesses a 35-year foundation of high level international corporate-securities law and global entrepreneurial dynamics to build innovative businesses. He is uniquely suited through expertise and experience to build an ecosystem that can optimize the Opportunity Zone program for his companies and those they serve.