Brian P. Phillips

General Partner, The Pearl Fund L.P. (An Opportunity Zone Venture Fund)

Brian Phillips has a blend of being an early-stage entrepreneur, a global expert on economic development by using entrepreneurship, an advisor to Ivy League facility on how to convert their inventions into viable businesses, and an intrapreneur in several global organizations.

Mr. Phillips has been a part of the founding team of a dozen startups. Two went public, two were acquired and one was sold via an MBO. As a founding CEO he has raised over $33M in venture capital.

Mr. Phillips has been an advisor on entrepreneurship to global firms like Goldman Sachs, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, IBM and Arthur Young, as well as charitable organizations focused on entrepreneurship like the Aspen Institute, TechoServe and Endeavor Global. He has met and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the USA, as well as in Africa, India, China and Latin America.

Mr. Phillips is also an active member of the Academic Venture Exchange, which is a collaboration between the technology transfer offices at Ivy league universities’ and experienced entrepreneurs. Through this agreement Mr. Phillips worked with facility from Columbia, Cornell, and Princeton Universities.